Our Partners

Contemporary Brands

Art Press is the hot UK card company who describe themselves as “eccentric about art.”
CARTE features artists from around the world in our collection of Calypso Art Edition cards.
Eyedore is a Los Angeles based art studio specializing in optical amusements.
Gallardoworks are hand-embellished cards.
Go Stationery features high quality journals in four sizes and fun, colorful contemporary designs. Made in England.
J&M Martinez, distinctive for their avant-garde artwork and print finishes, span the line between humor and design.
Lagom, an elegant line from the UK, printed on luxurious heavy stock and many cards are embellished with foil stamping.
Little Branch is a beautiful range of whimsical watercolors licensed from Australia and made in the USA.
Liz & Pip, fun and colorful illustrations from the UK.
OCD is a high-design collection from Boston.
The Crimson Press, expressing a passion for fine paper and quotes, designed in Canada.

Humorous Brands

Love, Foxy is young and bold, inspired by graphic tees.
LTR, fun illustrations which combine cute with edgy.
Naughty Betty, cards and magnets, from one Mom to another, telling it like it is.
Molly & Fig, raising pet photography to a level of sophisticated, not-so-subtle humor. Cards and magnets.
Peacerev, featuring quirky and current wit from Canada.
Queenie, geared towards every woman’s more confident self.
Redefined, a playful take on dictionary definitions, available as greeting cards and magnets.
Selfish Kitty, irreverent, with an edge. Cards and magnets.

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