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Millions of people are experiencing the benefits and the fun of hand coloring as they rediscover the joy of expressing their personal creativity. Coloring cards add another dimension to the whole phenomenon by combining relaxation with the pleasure of connecting with others!

  • Finished cards can be sent to someone to show you are thinking of them, or you might send a partly colored card and ask the recipient to complete it. They also make a great gift for someone who loves to color.
  • Finished card fits a standard 5” x 7” frame.
  • Heavy stock allows the use of colored pencils or pens.

Personalized Greeting Guide

Select a card to see suggestions for personalizing your card with greetings for Birthday and other occasions. You can write the suggested greeting in the card yourself, or click on the greeting for a pdf that you can print onto your card at home. Try printing on a piece of plain paper first to make sure it is lined up right!


For colored pencils we really like Prismacolor Premier. The colors are vibrant and the soft lead goes on nicely.

Write down the colors you are working with so you don’t lose track in the middle of a project! -Shayla

As a beginner, I have found it really helpful to lay out my color palette before starting. - Nicky

For some ideas on gradation shading technique, watch the video below. - Shayla

When printing a greeting onto your card, do a test first by marking a plain piece of paper so that you can make sure you have the card in the right way!

Good tip - I stopped into Blick's yesterday to pick up a couple Prismacolor verithin pencils for a card I'm working on. I mentioned to the clerk that I had never had any of the fine point pencils before. She told me if you ever get a Prismacolor pencil that keeps breaking when you try to sharpen it, you can put it in your microwave on high for only three seconds and that will fix the problem. Apparently Prismacolor pencils have a wax base which melts back together when heated so it can be sharpened again. I haven't tried it yet, but I know I have had that problem with the occasional pencil so thought it was worth sharing.

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Contests - see our facebook group

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